My name is Roberto Aiello and i was born twenty-eight years ago in Cosenza, in southern Italy. That is probably why i happen to have a warm temper and a 100% positive attitude towards my life and my job and this is also what makes the engine in my head bring out witty ideas for my works. When i was a kid up to my first year at University, i was a wannabe disc-jockey. My career as a dj did not last long and that is because it took a decisive turn when i obtained my University degree at D.A.M.S. at University of Calabria (D.A.M.S. is the equivalent of the School of Arts), where i took my major in multimedia techniques. This gave way to my career as a web worker and then a media designer. Apart from my job, i have an everlasting interest for everything concerning visual arts, cinema (editing and titling in particular) and American comics even if my favourite one is the Italian comic Lazarus Ledd (unfortunately reaching the last issue). I also love music of various genres such as Jazz, Acid Jazz, Electro-Pop and the Techno played by Moby, and every kind of contamination in music as well as in arts and cinema. The things i like are also the first source of inspiration for my work, but not only them. The idea for a logo could come, for instance, while i am walking down the street and if i see a leaf falling from a tree, that is not only a leaf to me, but a possible hint for my next idea. When i work i can practically use everything that is around me and transform it in the wisest idea that can fit the client’s requirements, because i take in much consideration his or her tastes and then i mix them with my lively imagination in the ultimate act of creativity. I usually put a piece of my heart in all my jobs, they are my creations and my concern is that of giving a quality service to those who put their trust in my own hands.

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